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Suzi King

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I have been a resident of Montrose since 1993 when I came as a VISTA volunteer working with Habitat for Humanity. As a mother of two boys, I have been involved with the Montrose Marlins and the Montrose High swim teams for over 15 years. As a member of the Master Swimmers group at the Montrose Recreation Center (CRC), I understand the importance of maintaining a safe and accessible recreation center for all.

I was part of the "Friends of the Community Recreation Center" where I worked with dedicated volunteers to pass a bond to fund and build our wonderful CRC. As a result of this work, I received the MRD Volunteer of the Year award in 2018. As a founding member of the Montrose Recreation Foundation, I continued to work towards the improvement and growth of our community.

Currently, I work as the Data Manager for Montrose County School District. My education and experience has provided me with a strong foundation in leadership and community engagement.

I am committed to using my experience and passion for our community to work towards creating accessible recreation opportunities for all the MRD serves.

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