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Rolfing Structural Integration with Ashley Quinn

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What is Rolfing® Structural Integration? 

Rolfing is a sophisticated system of hands-on bodywork and movement education that seeks to remind the body that fluid and dynamic movement is our natural state of being, and is within all our reach. By working with the fascial network, the seamless web-like complex of connective tissue that connects and penetrates all structures of the body, Rolfing can bring balance to the whole body, restoring flexibility, improving posture, and alleviating pain.

The main focus of Rolfing is to bring the entire body back to a state of structural integration and functional efficiency. It is often done in a series of 10 sessions, which allows for a total body transformation. The symptom relief of pain or chronic unresolved conditions that often occurs with Rolfing, happens as a result of this process of balancing the entire body.

What are the Benefits of Rolfing®? 

Improved Posture and Alignment

When our bodies are integrated, we sit and stand taller, with less effort. Breath comes with greater ease and fullness.          

 Improved Flexibility

When fascial restrictions are released, joints can realize easier movements and wider ranges of motion. Rolfing can restore a fluidity and grace to movements that are often lost over time as our bodies contract around habits, patterns, and injuries.

Improved Athletic Performance

When our bodies are integrated in movement, we lose the inefficiencies that can hold back our athletic performance.

Reduce Stress and Aid Emotional Health

Our minds are influenced profoundly by the signals from our bodies. Rolfing can help us to release deep patterns of tension and holding in our bodies. When our bodies feel freer and more comfortable, we have access to new possibilities in how we respond to what life brings us. Emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth and development, can all be aided by a more integrated body.

Investment: (fill out an interest form at the Rec Center front desk) 

$160 per 90 minute session

$1,500 per 10 session series



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