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1. What are the open swim times?

Open swim times are also known as Recreation Swim times and it is when any one of any age can come in and swim. These vary by season. - For the most up to date times/days look under the Facilities-Community Rec Center-CRC Hours of Operation.

Any age can come and swim.

2. What are the temperatures of the three pools?

The cool water lap pool is 80-82 degrees, the warm water leisure pool is 85-88 degrees and the wellness pool is 94-98 degrees.

3. How and when was the Recreation District formed?

The Montrose Recreation District (MRD) was formed in 1956 as a Special District to build and operate a summer swimming pool. As a Special District, it falls under the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S. 32). The District is not part of the City or County government, but instead assesses its own mill levy and adopts its own policies and budgets.

4. Where does the MRD annual operating revenue come from?

7% is from Lottery funds, 28% is from Other Funding Sources, and 65% is from Tax Revenues.

5. If I buy a 20-punch pass, does that get me into the entire facility, or just into the pool?

All of the passes—including the annual pass, 3-month pass, and 20-punch pass—get you access to the entire facility. In addition, you may attend any of the 40+ FItZone classes offered for no additional charge.

6. What is SilverSneakers?

SilverSneakers is an insurance program for seniors ages 65 and older. It allows you to get your membership for free or at a reduced cost through your insurance company. If you are unsure, call your insurance company, or come into the Rec Center and one of our Customer Service Reps will call your insurance for you. 

7. I heard you have scholarships for low-income families. How do I know if I qualify?

Bring in your medicaid card or proof of your child’s eligibility for the free/reduced lunch program. Either of these will qualify you for our scholarship program.


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