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CRC Amenities


Climbing Wall & Game Room 

Climbing Wall & Game Room 

The Indoor Climbing Wall is 27 feet tall with 12 anchors for top roping and three auto belays.  Routes vary in difficulty from beginning to advanced and includes three cracks of varying sizes.  The game room includes 2 Foosball tables, 2 Pool tables, 2 Ping Pong tables and 1 Shuffleboard table.  Equipment for the game room can be checked out at the front desk at no additional charge.  Pool table for those 12+.  

Special Features

  • 27 Feet Tall
  • 12 Anchors
  • 4 Auto Belays
  • Painted to look like the Black Canyon
  • Routes vary in difficulty from beginning to advanced and includes three cracks of varying sizes.
  • Included with CRC  Admission!

Climbing Wall Policies & Hours

  • Anyone who earns certification by passing the belay and/or lead test and displays their certification tag on their harness may climb on the wall when the CRC is open not just during the previously mentioned specified times.
  • Must be 3 years old and weight at least 40 pounds to climb
  • 300 pounds is the maximum weight to use the auto belays.  
  • Climbers must stay below the horizontal, white limit line unless tied in.
  • Must be at least 15 years old to obtain a certification tag.
  • Available for rental for $80/hour ($40/ hour for non-profits)
  • View our intro to climbing/belaying classes for adults and youth.
3 Court Gymnasium 


The Gym at the Montrose Community Recreation Center features 3 middle school size basketball courts and 1 large college size court.  The gym is equipped with 3 volleyball courts, 3 basketball courts and 7 pickleball courts.  All of the hoops and volleyball nets retract into the ceiling when not in use to accommodate the other sports.  Two retractable curtains give us the ability to separate all three of the courts.

Special Features

  • 8 easy adjust basketball hoops can be adjusted between 8 and 10 feet
  • 7 Marked Pickleball Courts
  • Community ball racks for basketball and volleyball
  • Spectator seating along bar height countertop
  • 3 Ceiling Mounted Volleyball Nets
  • Open to the community.

Gym Policies

  • All liquids must be in a container with a lid
  • Shoes that do not leave marks must be worn
  • Do Not kick basketballs or volleyballs
  • Dunking is only allowed during league play
  • No profanity or disrespect
  • Please report any incidents to the Customer Service Desk
  • Gym Schedule is subject to change please check gym schedule for special events
Pools: Leisure, Lap & Wellness 

Leisure Pool

The Leisure Pool features a large water playground for younger children complete with slides, dump and spray features in the beach area.  Three 50 foot lap lanes set aside for adult classes, lap swimming, water walking Monday-Saturday, lap lanes will be used for water polo/volleyball or basketball for the afternoons; lazy river with vortex; accessibility ramp into the leisure pool area; two story winding slide.  The depth is 0 inches to 2 feet in the zero depth beach area, 3 feet 6 inches in the lazy river and open areas and varies from 3 feet 6 inches up to 5 feet in the leisure lap lanes. 

Special Features

  • Two Story Winding Slide
  • Lazy River
  • Water Playground
  • Basketball Hoop
  • Volleyball Net
  • Water Polo 

Lap Pool

The Montrose Community Recreation Center Lap pool features eight 25 meter and eleven 25 yard lap lanes.  The depth ranges from 4 feet to 13 feet and the average temperature is 82 degrees.

Special Features

  • Drop Slide
  • Wibit
  • Slack Line
  • Two Basketball Hoops
  • Two 1 Meter Boards
  • One 3 Meter Board


  • Children under the age of 10 may be asked to take a swim test to demonstrate their ability to swim 25 yards continuously and to be safe in water up to 13 feet.
  • During high use lap swimming times please follow the Circe swim rules in the lap lanes.
  • All children under the age of seven must be accompanied by an actively participating adult, 16 years or older.  This means an adult must be within arms reach of the child at all times.  For safety of your children we require a 1:3 parent to child ratio for this age group.  Children not accompanied by an adult will not be allowed to enter the pool

Wellness Pool

The Wellness Pool ranges from a depth of 3 feet 6 inches to 5 feet and is kept at an average temperature of 96 degrees.  Mountain View Physical Therapy will have priority in the 5-foot end for therapy purposes.  Pool toys are not allowed in this area.  

Special Features

  • Bench Seating
  • Hydro Jets
  • Warm Temperature (96 Degree Average



    Weight Room & Fitness Center 

    The Montrose Community Recreation Center is equipped with 33 pieces of cardio equipment (treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, powermills, rowers).  13 pieces of circuit training equipment to work every major muscle group and full-service free weight area.  Free fitness orientations are offered to anybody looking to learn more about the equipment and how to use it.  These free orientations need to be scheduled with our fitness leader John Wagner.  The weight room and fitness center operate during normal business hours for the building.    

    Special Features

    • 33 Pieces of Cardio Equipment
    • 13 Pieces of Circuit Training Equipment
    • Full-Service Free Weight Area
    • 11 Pieces of equipment with individual TV's/Internet and 19 that view our 4 overhead TV's
    • Open during normal business hours for the building


    • Users upstairs in the fitness, weight, track, and FitZone areas must be 16 years of age or older. Youth 14 and 15 years of age are permitted upon completion of a free fitness/weight orientation.
    Walk/Jog Indoor Track 

    The indoor walk/jog track features 4 different courses of varying lengths and difficulties and is open to both walkers and joggers.

    Special Features

    • 4 courses (Flat Course, Hill Course, Combined Hill/Flatt Track and Mountain Track)
    • Mountain Track Distance: 3 Laps = 1 mile
    • Combined Hill/Flat Track Distance: 6 Laps = 1 mile
    • Hill Track Distance: 11 Laps = 1 mile
    • Flat Track Distance: 12 Laps = 1 mile
    • Strollers: allowed on the track all hours, children must remain in the stroller. 
    • Youth Track Times (ages 10+ accompanied by an adult)
      • Monday - Friday 1:00 pm - Close
      • Weekends: 12:00 - Close
    • Walkers use the inside of the track, Joggers stay to the outside.
    Indoor Playground & Party Rooms 

    Indoor Playground

    The Indoor Playground at the Montrose Community Recreation Center is located past the main lobby to the West of the front desk near the party rooms.  There are no fees for using the playground.

    Party Rooms

    The Montrose Community Recreation Center features 2 party rooms that can be rented out for birthday parties or other gatherings.  With a retractable divider wall, the 2 party rooms can also become 1 big party room for larger groups.  The Pool Side party room opens right into the leisure pool which is great for pool parties.

    Party Rentals
    Non-Party Rentals

    Racquetball Courts 

    Open during CRC general operating hours.

    Racquetball Court Policies

    • Protective eyewear is issued to all patrons of the racquetball room at check-in if they are planning to use a racquet.
    • Wrist straps are required for racquetball.
    • Shoes and balls which mark the courts are prohibited. Gum, candy and beverages are prohibited inside the room.

    Under age 16:     All players using a racquet MUST wear protective eyewear and be accompanied by an adult during play. 

    Age 16 and up:    It is strongly recommended that players 16+ wear the issued protective eyewear at all times during racquetball play to prevent serious eye injury.

    Check-In Procedure: A valid annual pass, punch pass or daily admission must be purchased at the front desk to use the courts. 

    Usage Guidelines:

    • Racquetball courts will be open during normal CRC business hours.
    • Reservations can be made up to 48 hours in advance by calling the front desk (970) 249-7705 or online.
    • Reservations will be in 1 hour blocks and players may only reserve 1 block at at a time. To make arrangements for longer periods please email
    • If a reservation is not claimed within 15 minutes of the start time all rights to that reservation are forfeited. The court then becomes first come first serve.
    • Courts that are not reserved are available for walk-ins for up to 1 hour.
    • Courts may be reserved for racquetball, handball and Wallyball. Wallyball requires time to set up so consider that when making your reservation. Due to the time constraints their must be at least 4 players in order to reserve the court for Wallyball.
    • Children under the age of 16 may not use the racquetball courts unless they are supervised directly by an adult.
    Outdoor Amenities 

    Climbing Boulders - Free use

    Outdoor Track

    The outdoor track at the Montrose Community Recreation Center is a concrete path 8 feet wide that loops around the building.  There are 2 routes the perimeter loop (1.5 laps for 1 mile) and the figure-eight loop (1 lap for 1 mile).

    Pickleball Courts

    There are 6 courts available to the public on the north end of the Rec Center property. Please be sure to follow the posted rules regarding footwear and court rules. 

    Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

    Thanks to a grant from the Colorado Energy Office, the EV Charging Stations in the north parking lot (by the pickleball courts) are now available for use. 


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