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Paul Wiesner

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Montrose is a growing, thriving community. New opportunities for growth, business, outdoor
and indoor activities are happening now at the Colorado Outdoors complex. The Recreation
District is leading the way to tap into the potential presented there to provide healthy,
rewarding activities for everyone in our area.
Since entering Western State College in 1971, I have witnessed a great many changes on the
Western Slope. Phyllis and I raised three children here and were the beneficiaries of the strong
Recreation district. The swimming pool and the Montrose Marlins swim team were a major
influence on my family.
I started medical practice here in 1986, retiring in 2018. During that time Phyllis and I were
involved in many community undertakings. The Montrose Regional Airport, the Montrose
Pavilion, the Montrose Youth Foundation (Now the Montrose Community Foundation),
Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike association, Bosom Buddies, Rotary Amphitheater, among
others. During my medical career, I recruited numerous new physicians to the area. I am a
cheerleader for Montrose and the wonderful lifestyle it afforded to raise my family. The quality
and diversity of activities and the presence of the pool and facilities in Montrose were always a
selling point in recruiting new physicians.
When I retired there was an opportunity to fill a position on The Montrose Recreation
District Board. Giving back to the Rec District for all the wonderful programs and activities it has
provided my family just seemed to be the right thing to do. I have found the Board to be
dedicated to our community and interested in bringing the best there is in recreation right here
to Montrose. The Recreation Center is a wonderful facility, brought to life and completed by
the wonderful staff working to bring you the best in healthy, fun, recreation. I have taken part
in the long-term planning process, the Covid crisis, and helping to bring the Flex Rec facility on
line while on the Recreation District Board and hope to continue to serve on the Board over the
next few years to bring more of our communities wants and dreams to fruition.

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