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1. What are the open swim times?
2. What are the temperatures of the three pools?
3. How and when was the Recreation District formed?
4. Where does the MRD annual operating revenue come from?
5. When is the new Community Recreation Center scheduled to open?
6. Can I pay a monthly rate for an annual pass?
7. If I buy a 20-punch pass, does that get me into the entire facility, or just into the pool?
8. When will my 20 Punch Pass card expire?
9. If I purchase a Punch Pass card in 2016 at the current prices, can I still use it in the new Rec Center in 2017?
10. I currently hold an annual pass to the Aquatic Center. How much will I pay to renew my annual pass in 2016?
11. How do I know if I pay the Regular Rate or Resident Rate?
12. What is SilverSneakers?
13. I heard you have scholarships for low-income families. How do I know if I qualify?
14. Does the scholarship program cover annual passes or punch cards?
15. What are you going to do with the current Aquatic Center after the new CRC opens?
16. What will the new CRC do for Montrose and how is it funded?