The Gym at the Montrose Community Recreation Center features 3 middle school size basketball courts and 1 large college size court.  The gym is equipped with 3 volleyball courts, 3 basketball courts and 7 pickleball courts.  All of the hoops and volleyball nets retract into the ceiling when not in use to accommodate the other sports.  Two retractable curtains give us the ability to separate all three of the courts.  

Special Features

  • Eight easy adjust basketball hoops can be adjusted between 8 and 10 feet
  • Wireless Scoreboards
  • 7 Marked Pickleball Courts
  • Designated Walk/Jog Track (Stair Course)
  • Large Skylights and Windows
  • Community ball racks for basketball and volleyball
  • 2 Retractable Curtains
  • One Large Basketball Court (College Size)
  • Spectator seating along bar height countertop
  • 3 Ceiling Mounted Volleyball Nets
  • Open to the community 96.5  Hours per week!

Gym Policies

  • All liquids must be in a container with a lid
  • Shoes that do not leave marks must be worn
  • No strollers or baby joggers on the floor
  • Do Not kick basketballs or volleyballs
  • Dunking is only allowed during league play
  • No profanity or disrespect
  • Please report any incidents to the Customer Service Desk
  • Gym Schedule is subject to change please check gym schedule for special events