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Montrose Aquatics Center

Opened in 1987, at the corner of Rio Grande and Colorado Ave., this facility accommodates all aquatic operations for the district and acts as the central registration and contact point for Montrose Recreation District (MRD) programs. Voters passed a bond issue for construction in 1986, and the RE-1J School District donated land for the Aquatics Center. It is a 17,000 square foot building with four separate pools, an outdoor pool, waterslide, and splash pad for summer use. The facility sees about 54,000 participant visits per year, or an average of 150 users per day. In 1999, a four court tennis complex was completed adjacent to the Aquatics Center in a cooperative lease project with RE-1J School District. In 2009, a renovation project added two multi-purpose rooms that serve as the site for numerous MRD and community activities. The project also added lobby space, restrooms and administrative space.  With the opening of the Montrose Community Recreation Center in January 2017 the Aquatic Center is being renovated into a fieldhouse that will house an artificial turf field that will accommodate multiple indoor sports.  Estimated completion date is in the summer of 2017.      

Ute/McNeil Field Complex

In 1982, the district negotiated with Colorado Ute Electric to purchase 30 acres near the Uncompahgre River and adjacent to the city’s Baldridge Park. Construction began shortly thereafter to open access to the new park and install two lighted softball fields, which were desperately needed to accommodate a growing interest in adult leagues. A large barn on the property turned in to the district’s maintenance facility and the historic farmhouse was remodeled into the district’s administrative headquarters. Further development over the years has lead to the McNeil Youth Sports Complex and improved access to fishing and nature opportunities at the park. Today, Ute hosts hundreds of adults annually participating in softball and the McNeil Fields provide numerous activities to hundreds of youth each year including soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and softball.

Cerise Park/Stover Field

The Cerise Regional Park project was initiated through an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) between the City of Montrose and the Montrose Recreation District in November of 2005. The two entities worked together to develop a plan of using 12 acres of relatively open field space for a two-acre soccer field and a 10-acre multi-purpose field. Both entities have been very sensitive in placing the fields with minimal disruption to the natural habitat. The Recreation District maintains both sites during the growing season and the city is responsible for winter maintenance. The city is responsible for the scheduling of the sites. The district has top scheduling rights of the sites on an annual basis. The city then has the next priority in scheduling rights with the district having additional secondary scheduling rights following the city.

Holly Park

This property of five acres on Rio Grande Ave. was acquired from the Bureau of Reclamation due to the Excess Federal Property Act in 1973. Facilities include lighted tennis courts, a lighted softball field, sand volleyball court, outdoor basketball and racquetball/handball courts, open areas, and a maintenance/restroom/concession building.

Miscellaneous Facilities

Because Montrose does not have a multi-purpose recreation center, the MRD maintains and/or rents other facilities within the district to host numerous MRD programs. Some examples of these include Friendship Hall and gyms at local schools. Beginning in 2010, a shared used Memo of Understanding (MOU) was signed with RE-1J school district that enables use of one another's facilities at no charge. RE-1J uses the MRD Aquatic center and MRD fields.  In exchange, MRD uses RE-1J facilities including the 7 gymnasiums as well as several classrooms and cafeterias.  Additionally, the district has participated in the construction of new facilities such as Cerise Regional Park.

Other recreation providers also serve Montrose, which helps Montrose be healthy and active.  For a list, click here.

City of Montrose Facilities

The MRD partners with the City of Montrose whenever possible to enhance the parks and recreation system so crucial to the quality of life in Montrose. A recent example of this collaboration is the earning of a Great Outdoors Colorado grant to complete the Water Sports Park, Rivertrail, and Field Renovation Project.  The project was completed in the spring of 2015.  Please click here for a copy of the press release about the project and click here for a map showing the improvements. 

Furthermore, although the City of Montrose is separate entity, we want you to know about and utilize the many services offered by the parks department of the City of Montrose. The City offers and maintains an extensive park and trail system: Bike routes, parks, and trails map. The City, working with the Colorado Plateau Mountain Biking Association, recently added 5 miles of singletrack trails to Sunset Mesa.  In addition, the City provides an 18 hole disc golf course: Disc golf course map