Rec Center Parties

Includes 1 hour in a party room for food & gifts. Outside food and drink is allowed, each room has a refrigerator and microwave. Party guests have full use of the Rec Center until close including: Swimming pool, climbing wall (dependent on wall schedule), game room, indoor playground, basketball courts. MRD will provide "Happy Birthday" table settings that include: plates, cups, napkins, spoons & forks, and table clothes. 

Rec Center PartiesLengthCost
CRC Party up to 14 guests1 hour (1 room)$150
CRC Party up to 28 guests1 hour (2 rooms)$200
Additional party room time1 hour (1 room)$50

Field House Parties

Field House PartiesLengthCost
Outdoor Pool Party (for up to 20 guests)2 hours$225
Turf Party90 minutes$150
Bubble Soccer Party90 minutes$225
Inflatables Party (for up to 25 guests)90 minutes$225
Surf & Turf (Pool & inflatables)2 hours$300
Archery Tag90 minutes$200

Online Party/Rental Form

Questions and to check Availability - Contact Justin Mashburn: or 970-497-8571

  1. Indoor rentals
  2. Outdoor Rentals

Indoor Rentals at the CRC or Field House

Rent the space for Meetings, Tournaments, Scrimmages, Games, or Practice for indoor soccer, lacrosse, or baseball/softball.

Online Party/Rental Form

Rental SpaceTimeCost
Indoor Turf FieldNovember 1 - April 1 
April 2 - October 31
Overnight (9:00 pm - 7:00 am)
Basketball GymnasiumNovember 1 - April 1

April 2 - October 31
$37/hour (1 court)
$95/hour (3 courts)
$26/hour (1 court)
$63/hour (3 courts)
Leisure Pool/Wellness Pool2 hours
3 hours
Lap Pool2 hours
3 hours
CRC Meeting RoomsM-F before 4:00 pm

M-F after 4:00 pm

$32/hour (1 room)
$42/hour (both rooms)
$42/hour (1 room)
$84/hour (both rooms)
Field House Meeting Room (Summit)contact for availability$40/hour
Entire Rec CenterAfter hours$525/hour

Questions and to check Availability - Contact Justin: or 970-970-497-8572