Current Classes

Water Aerobics

Whether you are just beginning to start an exercise regimen, or want to beat the boredom out of your usual workout, Water Aerobics is a fantastic solution.  Water aerobics offers remarkable cardiovascular benefits and works out the entire body without putting stress on the bones and joints.  People are able to work out longer and consequently burn more calories due to the cooling effects of the water.  Experts say that this type of exercise is superior because of the multi-dimensional resistance the workout provides.  In addition, studies have shown that being in the water causes the body to release chemicals similar to those released in deep meditation.   You get great physical and mental benefits, all in one workout!.  To see class descriptions and schedule Click Here.    

MRD Swim Lessons

Learn to Swim lessons are offered Tuesday & Thursday mornings & evenings January - May, Saturday mornings January - March, and Home School Lessons Wednesday afternoons January - March. Also, private and semi-private lessons are available. Please click on the Swim Lessons tab to the left for a full list of classes offered.

Stroke Clinic

Total immersion stroke clinic. The Montrose Recreation District and the Montrose Marlins will be offering a stroke clinic. This class is designed for the competitive swimmer ages 6 and up. It will cover all four strokes, body mechanics and techniques. These clinics are perfect for the competitor who would like to make their strokes more efficient. View specific information and register online.

American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED for the Lay Responder

The purpose of this class is to help participants recognize and respond appropriately to cardiac, breathing, and first aid emergencies. The courses in this program teach skills that participants need to know to give immediate care to a suddenly injured or ill person until more advanced medical care arrives. This revised course offers a new 2 year certification for both CPR and First Aid. View specific information and register online.

Lifeguard Training

This class is offered to individuals 15 years and older. It will teach all the skills necessary to become a professional lifeguard including CPR, First Aid, and all the rescue techniques. This will be a blended learning course with instruction both online and in the pool. Students will be charged an additional $35 by the American Red Cross when enrolling for the online portion. Participants must be available to attend all in-person training sessions. Required pre-test is a 300 meter swim (12 lengths), two minute water tread without hands, and retrieving a ten pound brick from the bottom of the pool 9 feet or deeper.
View specific information and register online.